On Waiting for the Dog to Die

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…and Other Reasons We Put Off Fixing Up the House

Before I picked up a paint brush or cleaned out a closet I waited for Max, our 16-year old Italian Greyhound, to leave this world. We loved the little guy but he had wreaked havoc on our house in general and the living room couch in particular. While he was still around it just seemed to make sense not to start anything.

Max eventually passed on and we did finally fix up our house.

In the meantime, I commiserated here and there about ‘waiting for the dog to die.’  And, I found kinship. People got it, because they had walked in my shoes.

It seemed a LOT of people were waiting. Not everyone was for the dog to die, but a lot of people were waiting to fix up the house.

Not everyone had the same reasons. In addition to waiting for the dog to die –

  • Some of us were waiting for the kids to grow up
  • A few were waiting to move to the new place
  • A few were waiting to buy their own house
  • Many of us were holding out until we have more money, and
  • Lots of us were waiting until we have more time

But, here’s the thing.

While we were all waiting for whatever-it-is to happen, we missed out. Even making small improvements can make a big difference. You really can get a better life through a better home.

So for all of you who may also be waiting for whatever-it-is, why not start sooner rather than later?

I was surprised by how much my life improved when I made even small changes to my home. If I had it to do over again there are some things I would have done differently, but lots of things I would have just done sooner.

I didn’t even stop to consider at the time that I didn’t need to fix everything all at once.

You don’t either!

  • If you, too, are waiting for the dog (or cat or bunny…) to die, it makes sense to maybe not replace the couch or refinish the floors. But you can certainly organize the kitchen shelves or paint the closets, just to mention a couple.
  • If you’re waiting for the kids to grow up, there are still lots of things you can do to make their lives and yours more efficient. Add a set of storage bins to their room or tackle the family bathroom. Lots of improvements don’t involve buying new furniture they may ruin.
  • If you’re waiting for the money to roll in, you can find dozens of projects that will improve your space and cost next to nothing. Want a few ideas? Check out my post How to Decorate Like a Pro with Little or No Money – 12 Ideas.
  • If you’re short on time, consider hiring a project out if that’s possible. My neighbor recently hired out painting her basement playroom. The price was really reasonable and it was done in a single day. Win! You could also pick a tiny project or break up a larger one into more manageable pieces.

To identify changes that will make your life better, all you need to do is look around. But, sometimes you have to really look because it’s very human to stop seeing clutter and obstacles if we live with them long enough. They become part of the landscape.

Been there!

Personally, once I started to see the opportunities all around me I was kind of blown away that I’d been walking around them for so long.

So, whether you are waiting for the dog to die or the kids to grow up or something else before tackling your house, first know that you’re in good company.

But also know that when you’re ready to start (my advice is there’s no time like the present based on my own experience!), there are lots of resources that can help. Here are a few:

  • Google is my friend. An online search provides a treasure trove of information. You can find the answer to almost any question, I swear. I have.
  • Speaking of online, there are lots of ideas, information and inspiration right here on the Love My House Blog. See the links below.
  • Local hardware & hobby stores can be great sources and some even offer free classes.
  • Friends who have ‘been there done that’ can give great advice, outright help, sometimes trade services with you or can often point you in a good direction.

So, here’s to success in your own quest for a pretty, organized, JOYful home.

Now go you!

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