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TRUTH: You’re here so I’m willing to bet we’re kindred spirits. If we met across the pillow aisle at Home Goods we’d probably share our decorating woes, one thing would lead to another and we’d exchange emails on our phones.

The bad news? You’re there and I’m here. The good news? We can still chat.

Isn’t technology the bomb.

If you take the time to connect with me, I’ll be thrilled and I will absolutely read whatever you send my way. And, do my best to respond quickly. But, things can get crazy so it could be delayed.

So, before you hit send on the form below, here’s a few links that might lead you where you want to go right now.

  • MAKEOVERS Looking for a certain project I’ve tackled? Go here.
  • ABOUT Wanna know more about me and why you might want to spend time on my blog? Go here.
  • SEARCH Looking for something specific? Use the ‘Search’ box below.
  • WANT FREE STUFF? Click the ‘Get FREE Stuff’ button below.

If you still want to send a message, complete the handy-dandy form just below. Note that all items with a * are required; yup, that’s all of ’em. If you’re more of a DIY email person my email is

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