How the Free Printables were Born

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I love a well-done piece of word art, but couldn’t find ones I liked.

And I had some definite ideas about what I wanted for my dining and living rooms, in particular.

It was excruciating trying to find just the right quote, color and size all in one piece to fit into a particular space.

If the quote was right, the size was wrong.

If the size was right, the color was wrong.

Even with intense shopping skills, nothing I came across worked for me. I began to suspect the things I was looking for did not exist. Or maybe I’m just too picky? Hmmm.

The Solution

Enter my blessed Photoshop skills.

Lucky for me, I owned a photography studio for 16 years. Out of sheer necessity, I developed some solid photo editing and graphic design skills.

Who knew that those skills would come in so handy in decorating my house?

My sweat is your gain!

I think that at least some of my creations will strike a chord with you. So, I’m making them available to you. Feel free to download and use them for your own home.

I’m also including printing tips and suggestions for print vendors.

Here’s all you need to do

For more information about what is available, visit my Freebie page.

To access all the free resources directly, just click the ‘Get Free Stuff’ button below!

For more information

To see how I used these printables in my own home, visit our Tour My Living Room page. Or visit my Tour My Dining Room page.

How about you?

Got any great printables that you use in your own decor? I’d love to see them,

Or, if you download mine I would LOVE to see them in use!

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