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What’s the Benefit?

“I don’t know my design style” is one of the most frequent laments I hear. So, answering that question is probably a benefit all by itself.

But there’s more…

If you better understand your preferences in terms of house style, furniture & decor, you’ll be able to make better and quicker decisions.

  • Knowing your style gives you clearer direction and probably some shortcuts when you’re looking for inspiration, or if you’re in the market to purchase.
  • This knowledge can also help you make choices when you’re stuck.

Does this mean you need to go out and change up everything in your house if you find your style doesn’t match what you have?

Heavens no. Remodeling, decorating and changing anything in your house is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time and patience. Changing over a room happens a piece at a time, not overnight.

What if you find you have more than one style?

Then you’re probably in the majority.

My own style is Modern Farmhouse with a sprinkling of French Country and a little Eclectic thrown in. Having more than one style just slightly broadens where and how I shop. Plus I think it makes my home a little more interesting.

Two Ways to Find Your Design Style

If it were me, I would do both A & B below.

A. Find your design style yourself

This process will give you a lot more data to work with. But, it will take more time. You may or may not end up with a name for your style but you will get a much better understanding of your preferences.

I’ve included steps and links below to a fun 3-step process.

B. Take a quiz

The quizzes are fun and all of them are quick. You won’t have to expend a lot of time. But, you are at the mercy of the quiz creator and what they present for questions and possible responses. There is no guarantee that your specific preferences will be listed. I think you still get some good information, though. At a minimum I’d engage with 2-3 of these.

Find your design style through a quiz.

There are links to 10 quizzes below. My favorite, and I think the most accurate (for me) is listed first. They were all fun to take. Some sites required a sign-up to get your results and I made note of that. I also provide my own results and my thoughts regarding each of them below.

A. Find Your Design Style Yourself

This is a process that will help you nail down what you like and don’t like.

You’ll need a Pinterest account. You can also use other sites like Instagram, and even hard-copy inspiration like magazines. For purposes of this exercise, though, Pinterest with its built-in boards and the ability to pin anything to them is perfect.

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Create a board for each category that you want to investigate. Find pictures and posts you LOVE and pin with abandon!
  2. Look at each board and find similarities across your pins.
  3. Remember those items and those characteristics when you look for inspiration or shop for your own home.

What do you think? Easy peasy. It just takes a little time.

B. Take a Quiz


No need to create my own quiz, there are a bunch of them out there that I think are fun and some of them are pretty accurate.

My favorite was the Havenly quiz, for a few reasons (the first two are my personal opinion):

  • It was the most professionally made. It moved quickly and easily from question to question.
  • Honestly they were all fun, but some were a little more frustrating when I didn’t see something that didn’t quite fit my own answer. That didn’t happen with this quiz.
  • At the end, the quiz gave me an option to change things if I thought the result was not accurate.

The 10 quizzes are below, ranked by those that I thought were the most accurate first. Click on the name to link to the quiz directly. 

Havenly Interior Design Style Quiz

There were around 6 questions (I lost track). Very professional quiz. Good, thoughtful questions and possible answers. You have to sign up to their site to get your results. At the end it gives you an option to change that if you thought it was incorrect. Also at the end, you are presented with an opportunity to engage them for their design services.

My results: Farmhouse, which is accurate.

Better Homes & Gardens – What is your design style

There are 6 questions. There were a number of answers that did seem to fit better for me than some others. At the end you need to sign up for their newsletter. It also describes your style and gives you a number of other links about your style.

My results: Country French (pretty close)

Lonny – My Style Finder Quiz

There were 15 questions, a range of different ones. Gave advice at the end on how to add this style into my life. Has a bonus ‘Click here to get the look’ with additional advice and links to affiliate products.

My results: I’m a Rustic Romantic, not too far off

Bed Bath & Beyond – What is My Design Style

Superquick, 7 questions. At the end you have the option to re-take the quiz.

My results: Transitional (maybe a tad).

HGTV – Find your Design Style & Toast your Good Taste

There were 9 questions. No need to sign up for anything to get your results. I thought the questions were good but tended to lean towards traditional vs. farmhouse for possible answers. They provide a description of your style at the end. There’s a link to get more design inspiration for your style.

My results: Traditional (maybe a tad)

Houzz – What Style of House Should You Live In?

11 questions, but it went by quickly. You can email yourself your results when you are done.

My results: Midcentury (which is definitely not me)

Houzz quiz – What is your decorating style?

Houzz had a couple of quizzes so I thought I’d include both. This one had 9 questions on this one. It was pretty quick but I had to think about a few of them. Not a lot of the choices presented seemed to fit me well. Could be why I’m once again a Midcentury Modern. I don’t think this was all that accurate but it was a fun read. At the end it describes your style, gives you the option to email yourself the results and has a link to additonal info.

My results: Midcentury Modern (which is definitely not me)

Popsugar – This Fun Quiz Will Help You Find Your Decorating Style

6 questions, super quick. You can share your results via social media and there’s a summary of everyone’s results who has taken the quiz. That was kind of interesting.

My results: Coastal Cottage (um, no)

Decorist – Style Quiz

There were 5 questions, and the quiz encourages you as you go along. Kind of fun. You have to provide your email to get the results. It provides a link to more information on your style. And then provides a link for you to select the room that you would like them to help you style. Select one and there’s an option for your to engage their design services.

My results: Modern (definitely no)

Lauren & Wolf Design Quiz

I lost track of the number of questions, I think there were 8. I was too engrossed in the quiz. Probably one of my favorites to take. You have to sign up with them to get your results and they navigate you to a page that encourages purchasing their design services. I signed up, but never did receive the results.

My results: Don’t know (so that wasn’t a good use of my time but you may have better luck)


Hopefully this gives you a few places to go to help define your style. I’ve done both the A and B alternative and found both helpful, for different reasons.

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