house projects

If you’re going to hang around for a bit, I thought a little full disclosure might be in order.

love my house blog

house projects

WHAT we’re about

Last year, my husband, Dom & I transformed our long neglected old Victorian into our favorite place on earth. All the improvements gave us a both prettier place to live AND improved our lives in hundreds of ways.  

We discovered that you really can get a better life through a better house & we think you can, too! I think almost anyone can do a lot of what we’ve done, and experience a lot of the same benefits we have.

I believe that every home should tell the story of the people who live there, and that you don’t need to have mad skills or unlimited funds to make that happen. You do need a little elbow grease, some ideas and know-how. So, I created this blog to share all we’ve done and learned. There are lots of helpful hints, tutorials and ideas to help you create a pretty, organized, JOYful home.

a bit of HISTORY

We live in New Hampshire, where we’ve been for 25 years. We sold our business in 2016 AND we’re empty nesters, with 4 great kids and one granddaughter between us.

No pets. Max, our wild-man Italian Greyhound, went to the great beyond a couple of years ago. We didn’t start to tackle a lot of our house projects until he was gone, with (what felt like) good reason.

Dom is one of the handiest guys I know. He may use colorful language (“technical terms”) while he’s doing it, but he’ll wrestle any house project to the ground. Me, I’m the lead painter, planner, decorator, CFO and purchasing agent. And probably a few other things :).

That’s Dom and me in the picture enjoying one of our favorite pastimes (we’re avid cyclists).

We launched our house projects in mid 2017 and hoping to be done with most of the big projects by early 2019. But they never really end, do they?

Keeping reading for a few more tidbits about us…

2018 results, by the Numbers

Just a few milestones

To Home Depot  (& counting)


actually used



to build this blog

(me, nothing serious)

HOW DONE are we?

This is a graphic summary of how far along we are in all our house projects, from the nerd in me. Dom’s biggest fear is that when we’re done with everything, I’ll start all over again at the beginning. LOL.

  • Breakfast Nook / Laundry 100% 100%
  • Dining Room 100% 100%
  • Downstairs Bathroom 100% 100%
  • Dressing Room 100% 100%
  • Guest Bedroom 100% 100%
  • Kitchen 99% 99%
  • Landscaping 100% 100%
  • Living Room 100% 100%
  • Master Bedroom 100% 100%
  • Stairs & Upstairs Hall 100% 100%
  • Sunporch 100% 100%
  • Upstairs Office 100% 100%
  • Upstairs Bathroom 0% 0%
  • Attic 0% 0%
  • Basement 0% 0%

what I’m NOT

I guess we’re all a lot of things but I thought it might be more interesting to tell you what I’m NOT.


I'm Pretty Youthful, but...

Age has crept up on me. I don’t know how it happened but it beats the alternative ?

I’m a proud 60-something, living with a 70-something guy who can run rings around almost anyone I know.

Including me.

But, 30-something (even 40 or 50-something), we’re not.


I Don't Claim to be an Expert

But, I did bring some unique skills to the table (see my About page).

We’ve also been engaging in the occasional house project for a long time, a lot more so as the projects have mounted.

Experience has been a great teacher.

The Kids have Flown the Coop

Our own children are grown so you won’t see me writing about renovating, organizing or decorating kids’ rooms.

You may read about the occasional family shenanigans but our story is no longer about young family life.


I’ll share a secret though. I loved being the mom of a young child, but –

Life as an empty-nester is a pretty darn good one.

DIY - Often, Not Always!

We will hire a job out if:

It’s too big, too complicated, too dangerous or just too ‘we really don’t want to do it ourselves right now.”

Or, we’ll ask for help from someone who knows better.

We’re not proud.


I couldn’t help myself…

tea cup

chai tea, my drink of choice before 5 (sometimes after)


there’s nothin’ better than
a good book



Fav (after 5, of course)

sfamily and friendspace

family & friends are EVERYTHING

white cake

white cake with white frosting

my weakness


I LOVE a good spreadsheet. And business plans. I’m such a GEEK.


WHAT LIES ahead?

People occasionally ask whatever we’ll do when we’re done with our year-long+ renovation.

Travel? Another reno? (shh, don’t even mention that one to Dom!)

I’m not sure, there’s still quite a bit left to do on this house and lots left to blog about. And, with a house there’s never an end to the projects. We haven’t even really discussed the attic and the basement yet :).

Truthfully, we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings and we would love to hear about your adventures!

For more about what you can expect to read here, visit our About page.

house projects

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